Couture exhibition of the 1960s, featuring iconic designers like Pierre Cardin and the space age dresses, Helen Rose who designed Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress and other iconic designers such as Jean Patou, Emilio Pucci, Louis Feraud.  (exhibition is on ground floor level near Café)

Saturday 11th August and Sunday 12th August


The 1960s 
From the debut of the mini skirt to mod inspired styles, the 1960s were known for breaking fashion traditions. With the influence of British Fashion, daring hemlines, the breakout of Twiggy, there was plenty of inspiration to be drawn from the 60s.

On the catwalk at 1.00pm on the mezzanine compered by Vintage Fashionista Inger Sheil we will have the best of 60s fashion from the daring to designs by the iconic designers.

All pieces are for sale.


With the Spring Racing Carnival coming soon, we are looking at a retrospective of Race Day fashion from the 20s to the 80s.  All the pieces are for sale so if you want something unique this is your opportunity to purchase everything from a dress to accessories to jewellery.   We have eight of the best Vintage fashion and couture dealers from around Australia to purchase from.