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The rare 1920s evening cloche/headpiece has an Ancient Egyptian theme and was owned by Paramount studios. The name of the actress who wore it in a movie was Lillian ROTH. Her name is handwritten on the Paramount label including the scene number for the film – typical for movie worn costume.

Lillian Roth was originally a Broadway star who moved to movies. She had many supporting and leading roles during her career from the mid 1920s onwards, with her last film – Boardwalk – shot in 1979. She started her movie career at Paramount, working there up to the early 1930s. She then moved to Warner Bros. Through the years, her love of singing lured her back to Broadway on many occasions where she was headlined as the principal performer. In 1962 She was featured in “I’ll Get it For You Wholesale” even though Barbara Streisand has the lead role along with Elliot Gould, the producers realised that it was Ruth that brought in the crowds and was elevated to above-title star billing after the show’s opening,

Her life was rather eventful and a biographical movie of her life “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” was released in 1955, starring Susan Hayward. Susan was subsequently nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of Lillian Roth.